Boring was the problem all along. That indescribable problem that I've been trying to get at. The rationale for Rogue UX is compelling solely on the basis of fidelity in requirements elicitation. Which is fine. But, actually? Pretty boring.

And boring is, in part, the problem which Rogue UX is really rebelling against. The boring. The safe. We've convinced ourselves that terms like "Lean", "Minimum" and "Viable" are more important that "Exciting", "Curious" and - dare we admit it - "Fun".

Should we dare admit it? After all, this is our profession. It is supposed to be work, not fun.

I think we ought to admit it. I believe we have a duty to. Because otherwise we are stifling the best part of creative output: Playfulness.

Playfulness is motivating. In others, it can be inspiring. We have a duty to cultivate that feeling. To return to the enthusiam that comes with pure creation.

We still measure results. Of course we do. We don't reject science. We can't if we wanted to. This isn't about trashing the benefits of research, measurement and feedback. Instead it is about realising that what we want is to test the most interesting, oddball, fun and creative ideas we have to offer.

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